Last week I said there would be pictures, so here they are.  I went to Rancho Mirage for a work related event but still managed to enjoy the sites, especially the mountains.









Saw this little guy and was fortunate enough to get a picture:


Went horseback riding in Indian Canyon – the white horse was mine for the ride:





Rocky waterfalls are some of my favorite scenes to take pictures of:


Last there was this guy – for some reason I only saw him at night, and he was a bit skittish (unlike the ducks who ate out of our palms), so not the closest picture of him – but he  was too funny/cute looking to pass up:


I think that’s enough,  even though I took about 100 photos of various things.  Pictures, as much as I love them, really don’t do any justice to experiencing the real situation.  Still, for me anyway, they remind me of the feelings, smells, sights, and sounds that I then use to reflect in my writing.  Even if I only have a picture for reference, I find them essential to recreate personal situations which I then use as descriptions in writing scenery.  Maybe I’ll touch more on this on a later blog post – my keyboard is lagging and its starting to get annoying…


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