Re-Thinking my Beta Readers (etc).

During the week as I was contacting my beta readers, a thought struck me…

I shouldn’t be sending early drafts to paid beta readers – it would be better to send the beta readers I’m paying a draft that’s already been through a round of beta-readers.  So it may be a little while before I send it out to more readers.

The good news is the two I was hoping to be my beta readers agreed – I sent a copy to one this week (yay!) and I emailed the second person but have not heard a response yet.  She is in college though and already alerted me she wouldn’t be able to read immediately, so I’m not surprised.

The other reason I don’t mind holding off the paid beta readers is that some unexpected expenses arose this week – namely in the form of travel luggage.  I will be going to France next month for work (and a little fun), but my only two suitcases are ‘carry on small’ and ‘I’m transporting a horse’, so I decided to buy one that is mid-size to make walking with it a bit easier.

So now that I’m not going to be reading my story for awhile, I’ve decided to relax with a game of Uru. Well, I then found out that my computer no longer reads the CD version of the game due to a security update, so that bummed me out.  Then I decided to play the MMO version of the game, and after a couple hours of finding the right patch and working out some DLL issues, I find that the version needs to be updated and that it might take…1 day, 10 hours, and 20 minutes to complete.  Of course, this depends on their server and my internet connection and fluctuates constantly, so I’ll probably just play another round of Undertale until it decides to cooperate…

Why is trying to relax so stressful?



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