Beta Reader Update…and Other News…

So my initial beta readers bailed.  Neither of them had even started the story when they said they could no longer be beta readers, so I’ve spent nearly a month waiting for feedback that, in a sense, never was going to happen in the first place.

I’m reaching out to one more person, but let’s just say that I’m not going to be too surprised if this one backs out too.  If that’s the case, then it’s on to an entire team of paid beta readers.  While not the direction I was hoping to go, this may be for the better since paid beta readers have incentive.  I’ll probably do two, three-beta reader rounds.  The first three, then edit, then the last three, and a final edit before shipping it to an actual editor.

I’ll admit I’m bummed, and a little bit upset about the ordeal because these were people who seemed enthusiastic about the idea at first.   I wanted to find readers without incentives, who would find the story compelling even without being paid for it.  From the bit of research I’ve done, however, is that in the end there are only a few unpaid beta readers who actually find benefit in, well, being a beta reader.  In the end, it’s a service that someone is doing for free, so there is no tangible consequence for saying you’ll do something – and then not do it.

In other news, April is going to be a very travel-heavy month for me, including weekends.  I’m currently working on a few extra blog posts in advance that will be posted each week.  These posts are going to entirely focus on how to approach and execute character development, which I consider my strongest writing ability.  This stems from researching character development and finding an overwhelming amount of information on it, but few hints of concise and productive tips.  I can only hope what I provide is helpful to someone in some way…


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