Outdoors, Beta Readers, and Free Books

With the weather so beautiful the last few days, my husband and I spend the weekend cleaning up our yard and getting it ready to enjoy the summer – mowing, trimming, planting, building a retaining wall, pruning a tree, etc. etc.  It takes a lot out of you and very easy to lose track of the hours spent.  Still, I enjoy the nice days we have after an especially long winter.

And as a result, the inside of our house has been mostly ignored and is now a disaster.  But we will get to that later…

I’ve managed to spend a few days during the week to assess the feedback my first beta reader gave me…and to be honest, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for my writing.  I will write a more thorough review in the future, but I cannot stress enough the value that a good beta reader will provide – and I’ve only had one so far!  I’m taking her comments to heart and editing my manuscript (again!) and will hope to have it ready for another beta reader by next week.

Other than yard work, I have been reading several books.  I needed some reading material for my trip to Europe a couple weeks ago so I picked up some free books on Amazon…and unfortunately I got what I didn’t pay for.  I really hate giving negative reviews so I’m not sure if I will officially review the books, but I wish I had paid for a good one than gotten some crappy ones for free, and am now discouraged from seeking out future free books.

As a writer I know that editing and beta reading is expensive, and the price tag can at times be discouraging…but that doesn’t make it an excuse to not use one and let the simplest spelling and plot errors erode away at what someone works so hard and puts so much time into.

I think I’ll stop here before I start ranting.  I’ll likely pick this up in another blog post.  Have a good week!


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