What I do when I’m not writing

With my first book still in the hands of beta readers, I’ve found I have a bit more time that doesn’t always require me to be glued to the computer.  While writing is my main hobby and would love to work on my projects all day, I know its important to step back and engage in other activities, try new things, and just enjoy real life rather than the fantasies I’ve written.

  • Gardening.  I’m grateful for the timing of my beta reading – being the late spring/early summer months, I was able to plant some more trees and flowers in my garden this year.  Right now I’ve planted an azalea, two dwarf arborvitae, primrose, columbine (which are already seeding), dianthus, coleus (my favorite), fuschias, and hen and chicks, in addition to the lillies and alliums that have loyally returned year after year.  Gardening is an activity I never thought I’d be too interested in, but I love learning new things and gardening just happens to provide both relaxation and piques my curiosity that I want to find out more how to care for plants.
  • Longer walks and hiking.  Again, another activity better suited for the warmer months.  While my husband and I still occasionally visit parks in the winter, its so much nicer in the spring and summer, and we can spend longer outside.  We go on walks every day with our dog, but we also enjoy nearby parks were we can hike for an hour or so, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy each others company.
  • Experiment with new recipes.  More time away from my story frees up more time for other interests of mine – namely looking for new recipes to try.  I’ve already tried a couple this week, and its refreshing to try something new rather than the quick-and-easy recipes I normally use to save time.
  • Reading and other entertainment.  I can finally catch up on my list of books, games, shows, and movies I’ve put off!  While I have my staple network shows throughout the year, I watch them in a ‘when I have time’ basis.  Same goes for reading and books, because I’m so much more focused on getting my writing to a point where I was comfortable sending it out.  Now that they’re out, I can catch up on my sources of inspiration and see ‘what’s out there’.
  • Other projects.  Cleaning projects, house projects, personal projects, etc.  Just little things I’ve thought about doing when I’ve had the time to do them.
  • Writing, marketing, the future.  What…when I’m not writing, I write?  Well, more or less taking notes about what I want to write in the future, as well as research some marketing platforms I can utilize when my books are ready to be published.  While I’m still teetering on ‘self publish’ vs. ‘traditional publish’, the extra time allows me to look at avenues other authors have used and see what is recommended these days.

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