So about last week, and this week…

This has just been a bad month, for a number of reasons.  I received feedback from another beta reader, and was hoping to get the edits done quick and hand it off to another beta reader by now.

Except for the huge, glaring flaw of character logic right in the middle of my novel.

While I was working on fixing that, I had an important work project that required both time outside of work and travel for a week (yes, including weekend).  While at the hotel last Sunday, my internet connection went down and was never restored, hence no blog post last week (and piles and piles of work emails to come back to).  On top of that, it was a shitty week (the project did not go so well…), leaving me quite miserable for the last few days.

And now, I have to travel again this week for another important project that I had to work this entire last weekend for.  Therefore, a bland blog post this week…again.

Things should cool down within the next week or two, or at least I hope.  I plan on finishing the edits within by the first week of August, and hand it off to the third beta reader then.  I would like to focus another blog post on beta reader feedback, but I actually hope to write it ahead of time and have it ready to go.  Maybe next year I’ll work on a buffer.


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