About last week…

Last week I mentioned a big decision was made.  It also happened to coincide with one of my goals for this year:  I bought a new car!  A 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited to be exact…(this picture is not my exact car, but you get the idea).


I had been doing research for months on which vehicle I wanted, and narrowed it down to a few.  What sold me on this was the V6 engine (power!) and bells and whistles (luxury!), and it was being sold, unused (230 miles, meaning it was likely a floor model and was never driven in winter), at its depreciated price ($4600 off MSRP).  Couple that with a trade in, negotiated a good warranty, and I was ‘within reason’ of my budget.

Even though I’ll be paying a little more for this car, something really jived with me when I test drove this.  I initially started with a 2014  model selling for something I could pay for outright (bear in mind I had been saving for the last two years for a car), but when I drove it around I was honestly disappointed.  Something felt off.

When I drove the 2015, it clicked.  I felt like I could be myself in the car, like it was meant for me.  I loved it.  I wanted it.  It was above my price range, but just above.  Still, it was ‘new’, had low mileage, and the dealer gave me more than what I was expecting for my car (2005 Ford focus with 122,000 miles) that was in need of about $1500 worth of repair.  In short, there is a difference between a budget and  a good deal – and this fell into the latter category.  Not that I couldn’t afford it, but there’s a reason I set budget for things.

I will have to sacrifice a few things, but one thing I have always been good at is money managing which I another reason I settled on this.  I always aware of the bills in the house, and know when we need to adhere to our budget and when we can afford a ‘little extra’.  This car was definitely the ‘little extra’ I was willing to pay for, and so far it has not disappointed me.  I love driving it, thought I’m still getting used to all the features.

In short, when making a huge decision like this, (if possible) be willing to go for something you ‘love’ and is a good deal over something that you ‘like’ just because its in your budget.  In every scenario I have ever made this decision, the extra money I pay has always been worth it, more so when spending so much at one time.

Hopefully this one will last me another 12 years!


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