Everyone’s playing Obduction! Except me!

UHG.  (First world problem rant.)

I kickstarted Obduction back in 2013, as I wrote a few months ago.  At first the game was supposed to debut in October 2015.  It then got pushed back to spring 2016.  Then June 2016.  Then July 2016.  Then August 2016.  It was finally released this last week.

And I can’t play it – because the email I used in the kickstarter was deactivated.  So when the link to the game was sent out, I never received it.  To make it worse, I never did the official Kickstarter for Obduction, but through Cyan’s website after the campaign ended but they still had rewards to give out.  I signed up for the mid-level tier which included an artbook, poster, soundtrack, books, t-shirt, and of course the game.

I’ve contacted both Cyan and Humble (the website to claim the game) but did not hear anything last week.  I’m very much hoping I get some sort of contact this week – next weekend is not only Labor Day (holiday), but I took an extra day off so I essentially have a four day weekend.  It would be nice to spend some of that spare time playing a game I’ve wanted for nearly three years!

To be honest though, I’m kinda that ‘glass half empty’ type – I prepare myself for the worst case scenario:  That I won’t hear back, or they can’t send me the game, or it will take several months to sort through everything…it’s a strange way to cope (I do this with a lot of situations) but it tends to prepare me for whatever steps I need to take next.

In other news, I expect to hear back from my third beta reader this week….


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