Not much this last week…

Another blog post a day late – you can thank my immense migraine yesterday for that.

Kind of a ho-hum post this week.  I did finish another indie novel but I’m not sure I want to write a review on it.  It’s women’s contemporary, so not exactly my go-to but the plot seemed interesting enough and it wasn’t a bad novel overall, so maybe in the future.

I’m also prepping for my Vegas trip in a week, so I will be busy with both job and house work this week.  I plan on buying/reviewing another C.W Thomas book over the plane ride.  I also may reach out to the last beta readers this week too – I’m still deciding how to approach this even though it’s a rather simple task.

About the only exciting thing that happened was I got to listen to Chuck Carter speak at a convention I attended this week…for a conference completely unrelated to computer games and virtual reality.  It was odd that he was there, but a pleasant surprise given my undying love for all things Myst.


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