Dream Racing

Truthfully, I wanted to write about this experience a couple weeks ago, but with life very busy both at work and at home I haven’t had much time or constitution to sit down and write a decent blog post.  And while I’m still fighting off a bit of a hangover from our anniversary party, I figured I owed the site a blog post with actual content.

My husband and I recently took some vacation days in Las Vegas.  I go there every year for a work event, but it was nice having my husband there to spend the evenings with and add a few extra days to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our birthdays and anniversary (all in October).  One of those days we did the Dream Racing Experience.  Basically, its a chance to drive exotic cars – you know, the ones that cost more than most of us will ever make in our lives.  And while it was a bit pricey, it was overall money well spent and an experience I look forward to doing again.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is about twenty minutes off the strip, but a shuttle service is included with the price.  The people there are friendly and accommodating, and of course there were Porsches, Corvettes, and other nice cars lined up outside just begging for us to take their picture. 😉




The first part of the experience is a short lecture about the different cars and how to use the paddle shifters – essentially the cars are all manual, but instead of having a clutch and gear box, there are two paddles behind the steering wheel that shift the gears up and down. The instructor also explained a bit about the road course itself (it’s not the racing oval, but an interior course with turns, s-curves, and one straightaway).

Next we did a ‘video game’ of the course itself.  We went into the ‘cages’ of the simulator and drove the course, getting a feel for how the paddle shifters work and to push the brakes hard while only using the toes for the gas.  Of course, playing a game and driving the cars are two different things – you can’t ‘feel’ the video game like you can a car.

Then, it was time to drive the cars.

Both my husband and I decided to do the practice laps in a Porsche Cayenne (him) and a Maserati Gran Turismo (me).  We did three laps each in these, and while they were nice cars we were really looking forward to the exotics – he chose the McLaren, and I picked the Lamborghini Huracan (below):



And, really, if you enjoy driving fast or exotic cars even a little bit, this experience is some of the most fun I’ve ever had and I highly recommend trying it, even if it is expensive and only lasts a few minutes.  You are with an instructor during the drive, and they tell you everything to do not just so you know what to do, but so that you’ll have the most fun doing it and get the most speed out your vehicle.  It’s exciting, a bit of a rush, but considering that I will never ever own one of these vehicles, driving it for just a few minutes put one of the biggest grins on my face (and my husband’s too).

But even after this, we had one more ride to experience – the battle drift.  Drifting is essentially driving the car sideways through a turn, burning a lot of rubber, and getting within feet of another vehicle doing the same thing.  My husband and I were passengers in two separate vehicles, and we each had a professional driver do the drifting – which felt a lot like a roller coaster.  Like everything else it was a blast, but they only did two laps of this – which was a good thing, because any more and I may have gotten motion sickness!

Overall, I highly recommend the Dream Racing experience if you want to drive an exotic car, even just once inn your life.  Very courteous people combined with fast cars and sunny weather – definitely something I’ll be talking about for years.



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