Uhg! Busy!

Late this week!

I had an unexpectedly busy week at work, at home, and I decided to re-read my story for errors this week before I send it off to my last two beta readers.

And I’m glad I did.

I found quite a few consistency errors, and also an additional number of ‘weird word choice’ and ‘this doesn’t make sense…why did I write this?’ type of errors.  It’s amazing how you can never ‘truly’ be done editing a story, just satisfied with where you’re at.

I will be editing the story this weekend, and next week I plan on submitting it.  I will likely not be receiving the story back before the end of the year, which is fine, as I’ve never really been in a rush to publish my story.

One thing I still plan to do is another book review before the end of the year.  I’m busy with ‘typical holiday stuff’ this weekend, plus I’ll be busy on Sunday shoveling the 6-10″ of snow we’re supposed to be be getting, but I plan to start reading the book next week.  It’s a sequel to a book I read earlier this year that I enjoyed, but never wrote a review for, but would have liked to in retrospect.  Maybe I’ll write a mini-review of the first book in with the second.

Well, off to start my busy weekend.  Ciao!


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