Last Entry of the Year

So just before my time zone sets into the new year, I’m thinking back to the goals I made at the beginning of the year.  I pretty much met most of them, or at least all of them most of the way.  I did 50 blog entries including this one (out of 52), bought a new vehicle (though I went over my budget, I am still in love with my new car and do not regret the purchase at all), and was able to secure five beta readers (the last two are in submission, with a due date of January 29th).

So for next year, I’ll probably reduce blog entries to 40 rather than 52, but be more focused on the entries rather than have every other one be a ‘hey, I’m here!’ type of entry.  I’ll also stick to random days, rather than ‘one per week’.  I like doing book reviews, so I will have a goal of one per month.  I plan on sticking to my favorite genre of fantasy, preferably by indie authors.  I may also do a game review in between, though I only play about 3-4 games per year.  However, I just finished The Last Guardian so this will likely be my first entry of the new year.

For my story, I would like to set a goal of editor and cover artist for the year.  This is going to depend on finances, so this goal will have a few more strings attached to it.

Happy New Year!


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