Of Goals

Last year I started my blogging with a list of goals, both for my book and in my personal life.  I would like to do this again, and also having a list really helps keeps these goals in the back of my mind.

  • Getting my story out to an editor and get a cover artist:  These goals depend on my financial situation, but I would like to do this in March, pending the goal below….
  • Pay off my car:  This actually has a bit of a priority over the above goal, but I plan on paying off my car by June in the latest.
  • Reviewing one book a month (or more):  I’ve been reading a lot more lately, and my focus is on indie authors who write fantasy.  I’d like to keep this focus going year round, not only to get the word out about more authors but because I really enjoy writing these.
  • Organize my recipes:  I have hundreds of recipes in print format, and I’d like to consolidate these into a digital file.  Honestly, I don’t even go through my recipe books or magazines much anymore – if I need a recipe, I get it online, but I’d also like to keep a record of what I use and don’t use.
  • Finish my nanowrimo novel:  But not during nanowrimo – just whenever I get the chance to write a few words here and there.
  • Get started on my second novel:  Maybe I’ll send it out to a beta reader or two, but I hope to start this in October/November.
  • Work around the house:  We don’t have any big renovation plans this year, but rather a bunch of little things – new blinds, finishing details in our bedroom, gardening, etc.  We will likely make a list (much like this one).

I’m sure there are more goals, but I think this might be good enough for now.  February should be an exciting month for a special reason I’ll share when the time comes. 🙂


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