When it’s disappointing…

I wasn’t hoping to wait this long for a new blog post.  In all honesty, I went to a once-in-a-lifetime event last week (a premier screening for a popular show) and I was hoping to write about how exciting it was, how much I enjoyed it.

So I’m not really sure what to say, except that the event was, in a word, disappointing.  While the show itself was great, it started late, was low energy, the Q&A panel with the cast went on for too long, and one of the members of the cast – a man both my husband and I enjoyed watching when he was the star of the show – was incredibly rude to us (and others).

I had some nice moments – another member of the cast was laid back and very personable, and we got a couple good professional pictures – but overall it was a bit lackluster and I really don’t want to blog about something that I had high expectations for, and it fell so short.  This isn’t like a book review, in which I can present examples about the context I’m criticizing.  This is a bit more personal, a bit more subjective, and it seems a waste to put thought and effort into writing about something I didn’t enjoy on an intimate level.

In other news, I will update the front page shortly now that all of the beta reading is complete.  For the next blog, I plan to summarize what I’ve learned through the beta readers (both about writing and personal lessons) and how I organize what to edit.


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