Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

I know I said I’d try for three updates a month, but April was a freight train in terms of speed and power.  April was already a fairly busy month work-wise for me, including traveling about every week, and several other projects for work came up as well, so it involved a lot of long days and ‘I just want to turn my brain off’ nights.  Also, with the nicer weather, my husband and I have a list of nagging house projects that need tending to.  Nothing major, but a lot of small things that we hope to finish before summer.  A stressful personal events happened as well, but things seem to have calmed down for now, hence why I’m able to write a decent post that’s more than a ‘well, nothing here!’

I’m putting my first book on a short hold, until the end of June.  My first book is pretty much editor-ready, but I want to be able to have time to interact with the editor and really digest their feedback, rather than my book become entangled in a mess of other things going on.  Both the second half of May and all of June are full of travel and work projects, but I do not have anything major schedules again until September, so the summer would be best time to dedicate to this.

Until then, I will still be trying to finish my NanoWrimo book, but since I like to put some brainpower into my writing and need a few hours at a time to set aside for this, that’s also been a bit on the back burner until about now.

Last, I did finish reading not just one book, but three, for this month’s book review.  Unfortunately, what I thought was a trilogy is not, and the series is continuing.  However, I will still be writing a review, just based on those three books.

Well, off to do….something.



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