A.J. Lorraine is not afraid to admit she spends hours in front of the computer – mostly writing, of course. During childhood she was introduced to fantasy through classics such as King Arthur, Chronicles of Narnia, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and The Hobbit. Over the years she declared her own intrigue of fantasy through Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey, as well as other media sources such as the Myst, The Legend of Zelda, and countless movies and music.

Wanting to create worlds of her own, writing soon proved the best medium for her creative outlet. She crafted, honed, cried, and obsessed over for many, many years until she developed her first series, The Ending Wish.  She began writing the series in 2013, finished the series in 2014, and edited the series in 2015.  In 2016, the first book in the series, The Life Wish, was read and critiqued by beta readers.  She is now gearing towards getting the book professionally edited, a cover illustrated, and published.

Outside of writing, A.J. Lorraine is a ‘foodie’ in the most professional sense.  Combining personal passions of food and science, A.J. Lorraine graduated with a B.S. Degree in Food Science and a minor in chemistry. She has worked professionally in the food industry for ten years providing research, development, and technical applications for a variety of products from ice cream to pet food, working with both big name companies to startups and everything in between.

When not working or writing, A.J. Lorraine enjoys cooking with her husband, hiking, yoga, taking her dog to various parks, and drinking fruity beverages with a cat in her lap.